BERGEN TENNIS CLUB " for entertainment, challenge and friendship..."

About Us

Bergen Tennis Club is a social tennis website in Bergen County, New Jersey

Bergen Tennis Club mission is to organize local tennis players, and to provide them with tools and opportunities to meet and challenge other players!

Bergen Tennis Club is totally non-profit free of charge website dedicated to true tennis aficionados

If you're a local tennis player and you're looking for playing partners Bergen Tennis Club is the place for you!

When you sign up you'll have access to our website where you can schedule your matches, post your scores, and compete in our tournaments!

You will also have access to your own tennis player profile and the database of other tennis players in the area!

When you're ready to join click “Register”, and remember it's free!



General Rules

The Bergen Tennis Club website is open all year round and shall be used only to schedule matches and share results.

Matches arranged via website shall be played on public courts and those arrangements shall be posted in the Schedule section before matches begin.

The club does not take responsibility for matches arranged. It's up to members to arrange date, time, and place, and notify other members via our website.

Each match shall be played to the best of 2 sets. The player needs to win 2 sets to win the match, possible results are (2:0, 2:1). The tiebreaker shall be played when the score reaches six game     all in any set of the match. Game and set is won by the player who first wins 7 points by margin of at least 2 points. Games must continue until the margin is achieved. Possible results in tie-break are (7:0, 7:1, 7:2, 7:3, 7:4, 7:5, 8:6, 10:8, 11:9 etc.)

When match is finished and was marked as "challenge", the winner has right to post the score on the Scoreboard. The scoreboard is for statistics, the scoreboard does not create a ranking system.

Players are free to choose whomever they wish to play. There is no obligation to play any particular member - however if the scheduling player chooses "looking for a player" option from the website menu - he or she must accept any member who wishes to play this game!

Players are free to play multiple matches on the same day. If multiple matches have been played with the same member then only one match score qualifies for the scoreboard entry. If multiple matches have been played with different members then all scores qualify for the scoreboard entry.

Matches not scheduled or not played accordingly with the Schedule - cannot be entered!  All scoreboard entries not previously scheduled will be deleted.

In all matches arranged via website "The Code" - USTA guide for unofficial matches should be followed. In case of unfriendly behavior or a lack of the sportsmanship described in The Code please e-mail

If member gets sick, injured, or anything else makes him unavailable for the scheduled game - he or she should call his playing party and inform about his unavailability before the game begin.

All players profiles require a photo ID. All profiles without photo ID will be marked inactive 30 days after the registration.

Guide how to schedule your game

       2.   Log in

       3.   Click on the Schedule page and choose dot for singles or doubles game.  

       4.   Fill the form ; date/time/location/player 1 (your name) /player 2 (choose option "looking for player")

       5.   Choose your notification method, your email or cell phone.

       6.   Click “submit” button - and you're done!

         The system will send automated e-mail to all our members inviting them to join you on the court and play the game!

              When match is finished the winner has right to post the score in the Scoreboard.

          Good luck and have fun !